Van Halen’s “Fair Warning” Album Cover

Van Halen’s “Fair Warning” Album Cover

Many of you may not know that the rock band Van Halen had used parts of William Kurelek’s painting “The Maze” for their 1981 album art work.
There is an article about Van Halen’s “Fair Warning” album cover at Van Halen News Desk.

The album cover remains as stirring and enigmatic as it was upon the day of the record’s release April 29, 1981. Yet few Van Halen fans know the story of that album art, which has a background as disturbing as the content of the songs within it.

For more info on the story behind Van Halen’s Fair Warning album cover art Click Here.

Also, from the Van Halen News Desk is a custom painted guitar with Fair Warning‘s album artwork by Jeff Rich, an Atlanta-based commercial artist, guitar player and Van Halen fan.

One day he decided to combine his three passions, and in doing so created this one of a kind tribute to Van Halen’s remarkable Fair Warning album. The Kramer guitar was meticulously hand painted, revealing an at times startling and unparalleled attention to detail.

Special thanks to Van Halen News Desk for bringing “William Kurelek’s The Maze” to the attention of the Van Halen community.

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