In the Works: OUT OF THE MAZE

In the Works: OUT OF THE MAZE

We are currently working on a film titled “Out of the Maze” that will accompany the documentary “William Kurelek’s The Maze” upon the film’s release.

“Out of the Maze” will include interviews with Kurelek’s son Stephen, daughter Cathy, his art dealer Avrom Isaacs, filmmaker Robert M. Young, two of his assistants Sylvia Chan & Kenneth St. Onge, as well as many others.  The film will include never before seen paintings by Kurelek and offer personal insights into Kurelek’s life  and art.

clockwise from top-left: Stephen Kurelek, Avrom Isaacs, Cathy Kurelek, Robert M. Young, Kenneth St. Onge, and Sylvia Chan

The film’s title was inspired by the painting Out of the Maze which Kurelek painted as a sequel to The Maze painting after his recovery and return to his native Canada .   The painting Out of the Maze displays a narrative sequence which picks up where The Maze left off.  In the left foreground, a bisected skull lies abandoned in the Canadian prairie, its unwilling occupant having long since escaped. In the middle distance, a young family has found a picnic spot, and are saying grace together. Kurelek has placed his own family into this idealized scene: himself, his wife Jean, and his four children. He is truly at home now, patently at peace with himself, his family, his native landscape, and with the God to whom he prays. Nevertheless, the scene is not altogether idyllic. A mushroom cloud at the top right of the picture presages impending disaster and hints at Kurelek’s premonition that the world was heading for a nuclear holocaust.

Both The Maze and Out of the Maze are in the collection of the Bethlem Royal Hospital Archives and Museum where The Maze is on permanent display.

To learn more about the painting Out of the Maze, Click Here.

Check back soon for more updates on “Out of the Maze” including excerpts from the film.



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