Screenings in the Fall

Screenings in the Fall



Enter William Kurelek’s The Maze
With Screenings in the Fall

We have some special screenings of William Kurelek’s The Maze happening this fall inToronto, Ottawa, & Montreal, along with others.  Please stay tuned as we’ll be announcing more details in the coming weeks and let us know if you’d like the film to come to your city.  In the meantime, we’re proud to announce the Montreal screening at the inaugural edition of the Au Contraire Film Festival, inspired by Toronto’s Rendezvous with Madness Film Festival. The festival will showcase films about mental illness and recovery and will include a post panel discussion with Stephen Kurelek (William Kurelek’s son), Nick Young (producer, animator & composer) and a curator from  The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.  This screening will have French subtitles.

Where: Maxwell Cummings Auditorium, in Montreal

When: October 18, 2013, 7pm

Tickets: Online Box Office will open Sep. 10. Check the festival’s website for updates.

But this is just ONE festival from our Fall line-up. Stay tuned for info on more!

Out of the Maze
Our follow up film to William Kurelek’s The Maze with rare interviews

Out of the Maze. A follow up film to the classic is in the works. The painting Out of the Maze is located at Bethlem Royal Hospital and Archives in London, UK.

As we’re about to move back into production on our next film Out of the Maze, we want to keep you involved in the process.  Our father, Robert M. Young, partnered with David Grubin, began this journey over 40 years ago when they made the original, half-hour version of The Maze. They were painted in action by Kurelek himself, in the rarely seen painting I Am Proud Of My Humility, detailed below

I Am Proud Of My Humility (1970) detail of painting by William Kurelek depicting himself holding his son Tommy while being interviewed by filmmakers Robert M. Young & David Grubin


Be on the look-out for further updates with new images, screening details, and exciting opportunities, including a chance to own a rare, limited edition print of the painting above!

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Thanks for all your support!

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